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Peter King graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in mathematics and a minor in economics. He started his employment with the "Loop Program", Bethlehem Steel’s management training program. Upon completion, Peter became an Industrial Engineer at Bethlehem’s Seattle, Washington, steel plant which consisted of three rolling mills, a reinforcing fabricating shop, and an industrial fastener manufacturing plant. He later transferred to a position with Bethlehem’s Seattle District Sales where he sold product from all of Bethlehem’s product divisions to steel service centers, steel fabricators, industrial fasteners distributors, and original equipment manufacturers. During this tenure he had specific management responsibilities for reinforcing steel, carbon bars, alloy bars, and industrial fasteners.

In 1981 he was promoted to Manager of Industrial Fasteners Sales for Bethlehem’s western region (11 states). He remained Manager of Sales after Bethlehem sold the facility to Seattle Steel until the fastener plant closing was announced in December, 1985. After a two year stint as Manager of Sales for Birmingham Steel’s Salmon Bay facility in Seattle (a producer of merchant bar and reinforcing steel), he began his own manufacturer’s representative business, Steel Service, Inc., where he is now president.

Peter’s experience selling a wide variety of rolled steel products and industrial fasteners on the west coast for over thirty years enhances Steel Service, Inc.’s ability to represent principals manufacturing these and similar products.

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Edward Parker joined Bethlehem Steel as an inside salesman in Seattle district sales. He held various positions of increasing responsibility through the years before being made Manager of Sales Administration in 1982. In that capacity Ed sold product and later managed a staff of inside sales personnel responsible for orders, inquiries, claims, etc. for all of Bethlehem’s product divisions.

Ed continued as Manager of Sales Administration when Bethlehem became Seattle Steel in 1985. Ed then joined Steel Service, Inc. In June 1988. His professional experience in inside sales allows us to increase the frequency and effectiveness of our outside sales efforts.

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Gregg Stubb graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985. His career began in the food industry. Having completed the Safeway Management Training program, he acquired skills in scheduling, personnel, marketing, cash management, and budgeting.

He refined these skills, when in 1993, he entered the steel industry by joining TMC Sales Inc., as a sales associate. TMC was a major pipe and tube supplier to five western states. At TMC Sales, his roles included Account Manager, Purchasing Director, and Regional VP. In 2003, Gregg co-founded TMC Inc.,a seperate entity of TMC Sales. The company later acquired the assets of TMC Sales. Gregg negotiated key relationshps with steel suppliers and Trading Companies resulting in exclusive representation of their products in the northwest by TMC Inc. This unique relationship with suppliers, secured a price advantage and continuous supply of finished goods and raw materials.

Gregg is a pragmatic businessman with a straight forward nature. He has earned a reputation as a fair and innovative businessman with both suppliers and customers. His experience and knowledge of the steel industry will translate into an information resource to customers and the principals he represents.

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